Disposition of Property

As is required by both the NC Department of Administration and NC State regulations, all property, capital or non-capital, acquired by an NC State University department must be disposed of through the NC State University Surplus Property Office. Review the Surplus Property Manual for instructions for detailed procedural instructions on how to surplus assets and university property.

Whenever university assets are lost, stolen, cannibalized, destroyed or traded in, specific procedures should be followed. Please refer to the Asset Management Manual for instructions on how to handle these assets. 

Disposal Requests for lost, stolen, cannibalized, destroyed or traded-in items are processed by the AM Coordinator and routed to the Asset Management Team. This process allows for the retirement of the asset in the Asset Management Module but is not considered an accepted standard method.

AM Coordinator Role

The AM Coordinator role is required for access to the surplus disposal system. The AM Coordinator role is granted after successful completion of the Asset Management Professional certification program.

Don’t know who your department’s AM Coordinator is?  Contact your Business Officer
Need the AM Coordinator role?  Register for the Asset Management Professional certification
Already have the AM Coordinator role and need to submit a Disposal Request?  Access instructions for how to submit a Disposal Request
Don’t know how you want to dispose of university property?  Refer to the Property Tracking and Dispositon Manual for instructions for how to properly transfer or dispose of university property

Special Handling Instructions

Special handling instructions for:

Computers/Digital Devices

Campus departments are responsible for purging data from electronic devices that store data (e.g., copiers, iPads, cell phones, tablets, printers, scanners, projectors, etc). There are data security procedures that must be followed when disposing of electronic media/equipment.

  • Check with the manufacturer for verification if data storage exists.
  • If the device is equipped with internal storage, follow the instructions for data removal on the OIT website.
  • If the data cannot be erased, the internal storage drive must be removed before turning the device over to Surplus Property Services.
  • Once the hard disk has been erased, a verification label (5163 Word format or 5163 PDF format or 5963 Word Format or 5963 PDF format) must be attached to the computer equipment and contain:
    • Printed name
    • Signature
    • Date
    • Serial number
  • The serial number must be shown on BOTH of the following:
  • Improperly labeled computer equipment will not be picked up for surplus.

Laboratory Equipment

All scientific, research and laboratory equipment must be assessed for hazardous materials PRIOR to being delivered to the Surplus Property Office.

  • Review the instructions on the EH&S website for more details.
  • Any laboratory equipment that is determined to be contaminated with biological material, chemicals or radio-isotopes must be decontaminated.
  • The hazardous waste manual with decontamination instructions can be found in the Manuals, Forms and FAQ’s section of the EH&S site.
  • This list of items requiring a decontamination form can be found in the Haz_Waste_Manual stored in the Hazardous Waste Google file accessed from the same page as above.

Construction Materials & Other Waste

NC State Facilities Division Recycling Services offers assistance in landfill diversion efforts of such items as cubicle furniture, built-ins, custom furniture, etc.


Titled and tagged vehiclesTrucks, vans, cars and trailersHow to Dispose of Tagged Vehicles
Non-titled, Non-tagged vehicles including any for motorized non-highway useRiding mowers, four wheelers, forklifts, golf carts, skid steer, tractorHow to Dispose of Non-Tagged Vehicles

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