After You Buy

Follow these steps…

1. Check Req Status 2. Receive Goods 3. Route Invoice 4. Edit a PO

1. Check Requisition Status

  • Log into MyPack Portal and navigate to: Main Menu > Financial System > MarketPlace > Manage Requisitions
  • Enter your requisition number in the “Requisition ID” field and click search
  • If there is no Purchase Order number, click on the drop down “Select Action” to choose view approvals then click “Go”
  • This will show you the agent to contact to check status of your requisition

2. Receive Your Goods

  • Log into MyPack Portal and navigate to: Main Menu > Financial System > MarketPlace > Manage Receivers
  • All orders that require receiving will be listed
  • You can search for a specific order by entering the requisition or purchase order number in the search fields at the top of this page
  • Find the order you want to receive or reject and click on the triangle to the left of the order number. All lines of the order will be shown.
  • Enter the date the items were received, the quantity received and choose accept or reject for each line
  • Only enter the amount received in the shipment, do not mark items received that have not arrived.
  • Click Save & Create Receipt button. A pop up window will appear with your receiver number
  • Detailed instructions can be found here

3. Route Non-MarketPlace Invoice for Processing

Invoices for non-MarketPlace purchase orders should be forwarded to Accounts Payable for processing.  A purchase order number must be shown on the invoice.  You should also make a note that the invoice is ok to pay.  If a receiving report is required, payment will not be processed until the receiving report is completed in the financials system.

The MarketPlace has a document called the View/Print version. This document can be found in the Manage Requisitions page. At the end of each order listed, there is a printer icon. When you click on the printer icon, you get an invoice like document that can be printed and saved as documentation for your personal file. Do NOT send this document to Accounts Payable.

4. Make Changes to a Purchase Order

ADD money to a Purchase Order (PO) E-mail agent of record – Put PO number in the e-mail subject line and include the following in the body of the e-mail:

PO line increase request:


PO #:

Request: Ask the agent to add a new line in the amount of $XXXX. Or you may move $XXX from line #X to a new line if you wish to change the accounting on an unspent portion of an existing line.


Project # & Account #:

Line Description: This increases the total value of the PO from XXXX to XXXX OR This does not increase the total value of the PO (where dollars are moved from another line).

Documentation: XXXX is attached. If adding to an existing contract for instance there should be documentation of what is being added/why/justification

CHANGE the Project ID on a Purchase Order (PO)

If no payments have been made on the line to be changed, navigate the following menu options:

Financial Management > Procurement > Purchase Orders > PO Maintain PO Distributions

Click in the project or account # field, make the desired change and Save.

If a payment has been made on the line, it will not display for changing in the process described above. In this case, email agent of record, put the PO number in the email subject line and ask that the Project ID be changed for the line. Purchasing will reduce that line to the amount spent and add a new line with the previous line’s balance to the requested Project ID.

CLOSE the entire Purchase Order, or REDUCE an encumbrance on a purchase order If a PO is complete but funds are still encumbered, you will need to do the following:

  • Email agent of record — put PO number in the email subject line and ask that the PO be closed.

If reducing a PO at the end of the Fiscal Year in order to remove unspent money:

  • Check PO Activity Summary (click on invoice tab) to see how much has been paid against each PO line. Ask agent of record to reduce lines to the amount spent so funds will be unencumbered. If the PO will be used in the future (after the Fiscal Year rollover), ask the agent of record to add a line for $1.00 to hold the PO open. If the PO balance goes to zero, the system it will automatically close the PO.