Surplus Property Services

Surplus property is defined as property that has a re-sale value, but is no longer needed by the university department to continue its operation. The Surplus Property Office will pick up these items and make them available for acquisition by other departments, public agencies or non-profit organizations. Surplus items not acquired by these entities are sold at public surplus sales.

Interested in disposing of university property? Click on Disposition.
Interested in purchasing university surplus items? Click on Buying.

Disposition of Property

All Surplus Property Disposition Requests are now processed online.

Buying Surplus Property

University departments are strongly encouraged to obtain surplus items for their departmental needs from Surplus Property. Visit the online Surplus inventory catalog before you buy new, more expensive supplies and equipment.

Contact Us

Surplus Pick-up Request? Contact the Surplus Property Receiving Coordinator at 919-515-5525 or email
Location: 3240 Ligon St., Materials Support Warehouse, Building 161 on the campus map.