Contract Purchases

The contracts listed below are available for use to purchase goods and supplies. These contracts offer the best value along with negotiated terms and conditions.

Contract Type
Description of Items
State Term Contracts Vehicles, Furniture, Lab Supplies, Computer Hardware, etc. Division of Purchase and Contract
National Consortium Contracts Office Supplies, Equipment Rental, Food, etc.
NC State University Convenience Contracts Audio Visual Items, Promotional Items, Transcription and Captioning Services, Tents, Tables, Chairs and Miscellaneous Equipment Rentals and Services
UNC-GA Combine Purchasing Initiative (CPI) Computer Hardware CPI Computer Purchase Requirements

If You Find Better Pricing than NC Term Contracts

The state allows the university to purchase items on state contracts from non-contract vendors if we are purchasing the same or similar item at a lower price. When making a purchase from a non-contract vendor because the price is lower, you must document your purchase.