Lab Gas, Ethyl Alcohol & Dry Ice

Did you know? There are over 3,000 compressed and liquid gas cylinders deployed on the NC State campus.

Ordering Lab Gases, Ethyl Alcohol & Dry Ice

Dry Ice, Ethyl Alcohol, Laboratory Gases, Liquid Nitrogen and Gas Tank regulators and valves are available through the NC State MarketPlace.

Navigate to: MyPackPortal> Financial System>Marketplace>Compressed Gases

Lab Gas Arc3, AirGas How to Order Lab Gas
Toxic Gas Custom Gas How to Order Toxic Gas
Dry Ice AirGas How to Order Dry Ice
Ethyl Alcohol VWR How to Order Ethyl Alcohol
Orders approved by 4pm will route to the suppliers for delivery the next business day. Custom gas mixes may take longer to produce and deliver.

***Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available in the supplier catalogs.***

Cylinder Rental: Invoicing & Inventory

NC State departments rent gas cylinders from the MarketPlace suppliers.  Cylinder rental invoices for the number of days the cylinder is on campus are posted each month. Cylinder inventory reports are posted each month.  To meet lab safety and financial compliance standards, follow these steps:

1 Receive the Order How to Receive a MarketPlace order
2 Record each cylinder How to Record Cylinder Movements
3 Review Invoice Invoice
4 Review Inventory Inventory Report
5 Match Inventory and Invoice Reconciliation Guide
6 Return Cylinders  How to Return a Cylinder
To verify proper rental billing, follow each step


Safety Requirements

For safety tips on How to Handle Compressed Gas watch this video.
Refer to your lab safety manual or Cylinder Safety Guide for more information.

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