Did You Know About the University Storage Program?

The term “storage” was among the top ten search topics in the Finance Division Knowledge Base for the month of June. This tells us that departments either do not know about this program or are looking to learn more about it. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

What is the University Storage Program?

The University Storage Program is designed to offer secure, orderly, convenient and economical storage at the Warehouse for NC State departments. Commonly stored items include furniture, files and university-owned property. To learn more about what you can and cannot store, read the “What can I store at the warehouse?” Knowledge Base article.

How much does it cost to store items at the Warehouse? 

For the most up-to-date cost information on regular and oversized palettes, please review the “What can I store at the Warehouse” Knowledge Base article.

How do I store my items at the Warehouse?

To store items at the Materials Support Warehouse, please submit a departmental storage request. Once your items are stored, you can search and review items in storage, make updates and changes to the lease and add or remove items in the Warehouse Leased Space Portal. The University Storage Manual provides step-by-step instructions for all of these actions.You can also review the “How do I find out the location of my items stored in the Warehouse?” Knowledge Base article.

How do I pay for storage?

Billing for University Storage space is processed via the Service Unit Billing process. Check out “How do I pay for University Storage?” Knowledge Base article for additional information.

The beginning of the fiscal year is a good time to review your storage leases and inventory because you will be billed for items that are in storage at that time. If you have items that are no longer of use to your department, please submit a Surplus Request.

Need Help?

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