PCard Billing Cycle Calendar

Monthly StatementBilling Cycle NameBilling Cycle DatesFinal Date for Transaction Reconciliation
(by 5 p.m. unless noted)
Statements AvailableFinal Statement Approval Deadline
(by 5 p.m.)
December 202312/20/202311/21 – 12/2012/21/2023 by noon***12/21/20231/22/2024**
January 2024*1/19/202412/21 – 1/191/23/20241/25/20242/20/2024
February 20242/20/20241/20 – 2/202/22/20242/26/20243/20/2024
March 20243/20/20242/21 – 3/203/22/20243/26/20244/22/2024**
April 2024*4/19/20243/21 – 4/194/23/20244/25/20245/20/2024
May 20245/20/20244/20 – 5/205/22/20245/24/20246/20/2024
June 20246/20/20245/21 – 6/206/24/20246/26/20247/22/2024**
July 2024*7/19/20246/21 – 7/197/23/20247/25/20248/20/2024
August 20248/20/20247/20 – 8/208/22/20248/26/20249/20/2024
September 20249/20/20248/21 – 9/209/24/20249/26/202410/21/2024**
October 2024*10/18/20249/21 – 10/1810/22/202410/24/202411/20/2024
November 202411/20/202410/19 – 11/2011/22/202411/26/202412/20/2024
December 202412/20/202411/21 – 12/2012/23/2024 by noon***12/23/20241/22/2025**

Billing Cycle Dates:  Transactions posted at the bank on these dates are posted to the Financial System in this cycle.

Transaction Reconciliation: Distribution of transactions by the reconciler to the appropriate Project ID and Account (expense) Code.

Statement Approval: Each transaction with correct Project ID information and account must have an itemized receipt from the merchant. The statement must have three unique signatures: cardholder, reconciler and approver.

* Billing cycle ends the previous business day since the 20th falls on a weekend/holiday.
** Statement deadline extended through next business day since the 20th falls on a weekend/holiday.
*** Due to the university holiday schedule, reconciliation must be completed by noon on this date.

NOTE: All statements are required to be routed and completely approved by 5 p.m. on the 20th of the following month. Any statements not in by that time will be placed on hold the next business day. If a statement is late for a second time, the hold will remain in effect for four weeks from the date the statement is received and also requires a memo from the department head.

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