10th Annual MarketPlace Expo Goes Hybrid

The MarketPlace Expo is an event that many of us look forward to every year. The goals of this event are to meet representatives of our MarketPlace suppliers, learn about the products and services  available to you through the MarketPlace, and encourage your participation with fun prizes and giveaways.

This year, the 10th Annual MarkePlace Expo will be hybrid to accommodate attendees who like to participate in person as well as those who prefer the virtual environment.

About the MarketPlace

The MarketPlace system is the most efficient and secure platform for you to use when ordering supply items for your department, and saves you both valuable time and money. Shopping the MarketPlace also offers numerous  benefits to both employees and departments. Those include items such as 60 supplier catalogs  with 10 different categories to choose from, pre-purchasing order approval routing, next day delivery, free shipping from most of our suppliers,  

automated payment and no invoice handling, and orders placed in the MarketPlace have no spending limit.

Shopping the MarketPlace also benefits the  university by generating savings through

contract compliance, increasing operational efficiencies, enhancing customer service, and generating revenue. The MarketPlace is the gold standard, a one-stop  shopping resource, and should always be your first option for supplies, services, specialized equipment,  and anything else your department may need.  

In Person Event

The in-person event will take place at the McKimmon Center on November 11.  

Virtual Event

The virtual event will take place November 15 – 30. Go ahead and bookmark the virtual event site, where updates will be posted as we get near the date.