Preferred Payment Types

NC State‚Äôs payment strategy is designed to mitigate risk, maintain compliance, generate revenue and create efficiencies.  Virtual Payables is our preferred payment method, followed by Paymode-X.  Please click on your supplier type below to learn more about the preferred payment methods.

U.S. Entity

The preferred payment methods for U.S. entities are Virtual Payables and Paymode-X.

Virtual Payables

by Bank of America


by Bottomline Technologies

U.S. Individual

The preferred payment method for U.S. individuals is ACH direct deposit. This payment method can be selected during the registration process in PaymentWorks and it allows the funds to be deposited into your bank account when payment is ready.

Foreign Entity/Individual

The preferred payment method for foreign entities and foreign individuals is wire. However, if you have a remittance address in the United States, we are required to pay you by check. There will be a question on the registration in PaymentWorks where you can indicate if you have a U.S. remittance address or not.