Your PCard is about to expire!

For those of you who have long been cardholders of the PCard Program, the time has come again to renew your cards.  For newer cardholders who are not familiar with replacements, we have outlined below for you what to expect.

All PCards expire at the same time, which is November 30th, every third year.

All PCards expire at the same time, which is November 30th, every third year.  2020 happens to be a replacement year for us.  Card numbers remain the same, but expiration dates and CVV security codes will change.  Our office will be providing your replacement card to the Lead Business Officer for your college/division no later than October 28th, which will allow them 4 weeks to distribute cards to you.  Please note that many college/division teams are still planning what this looks like and will communicate to you the plan at the earliest possible time.  Rest assured that your replacement card will be available to you before the 11/30/20 expiration date.  


  1. Your current card expires November 30th, which means you can use it up to and including 11/30/20
  2. The Lead Business Officer will be communicating with you on how and when to obtain your replacement card
  3. Activation of your new card is required and instructions will be provided with your replacement card
  4. Follow any guidelines from your college on how to destroy / turn in your existing card
  5. Update any places where your card number may be stored on file (with the merchant or in your mobile wallet)
  6. To always shop the MarketPlace first

The PCard is a very efficient payment tool for the University and during this challenging time, it reminds us all the advantages it has to offer.  Many businesses are increasing their acceptance of credit card payments in this remote environment and since the cost for credit card payments is significantly less than check, we encourage you to utilize this payment method where possible.