Shop the MarketPlace Initiative: Version 2.0

What Is It?

In a continuing effort to streamline administrative costs and become more operationally efficient, Procurement & Business Services is moving the required use of NC State’s electronic MarketPlace for supply purchases to $1,000.

When Does It Go In Effect?

July 1, 2020

When Do I Use It?

For all supply orders below $1,000. If your items are not available in the MarketPlace, payment must be processed with a PCard.

Are There Exceptions?

The only exceptions to this requirement are:

  • If your purchase was completed before July 1, 2020
  • If the invoice being processed is a partial payment for an order whose total is over $1,000
  • If the supplier will not accept PCard as a form of payment

To learn more, read the 3D Memo from the Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance and University Treasurer.