New Amazon Enhanced Checkout

Amazon (Amazon Business in the MarketPlace) has announced a new feature, “Enhanced Checkout”, which is designed to reduce order pricing changes for Amazon Business customers.

Currently, Amazon has dynamic pricing functionality that displays the most up-to-date price at the time of item selection.  Due to MarketPlace approval requirements, some orders experienced price changes from the time items were added to the shopping cart and the requisition is created to the time the order was dispatched to Amazon.

To reduce price changes, Amazon’s new Enhanced Checkout will include a price lock for seven days.  To receive the seven-day price lock:

  1. The Ship To address for the order must be the same address in the Ship To field on your My Profile page in MarketPlace. 
  2. Orders must be approved and dispatched within seven days from the time of placing the order.


Amazon’s new Enhanced Checkout with Price Lock is live.  Please send an email if you have questions to

Find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the MarketPlace Self Service “I Want To…” page.