New Purchasing Contract Portal is LIVE

The new electronic purchasing contract portal is now live for campus. Goodbye stacks of paper, Hello electronic signatures! 

You can now submit all your contracts requiring signature through this new portal and easily track them as they move through the negotiation and approval process. Once fully approved, a DocuSign envelope is generated and auto-magically sent to the NC State delegated signatory and the supplier. Once the contract is fully signed in DocuSign, the supplier receives a final copy and you are notified by email. You can find the signed agreement on the contract record in the purchasing contract portal.

Access this new portal through the Purchasing Contracts tile in Financials or from our Contract Review web page. All you have to do is click on the “Submit a Contract Review Form” button on the right hand menu.

Don’t forget that a contract is any document that legally binds the University to another party. Only individuals designated with signatory authority by the Chancellor may sign a document on behalf of the University.

By submitting your contract for review through our portal you can be confident that your contract will be signed by the appropriate party becoming a legitimate Purchasing contract.

Need a hand in getting started? Visit our “I Want To” Contract Customer Service page for video tutorials and tips & tricks.