Compressed Gas: A Research Lab Staple

Did you know that over 36,000 compressed gas cylinders are delivered to the NC State campus each year?  That is approximately 150 cylinders per day.

Lowest Prices and Easy Ordering through the MarketPlace

The MarketPlace suppliers are the approved state contract suppliers for medical and industrial compressed gases. The catalogs contain a comprehensive selection of non-volatile gases.  If you cannot find the gas you seek, the MarketPlace specialty gas supplier, Custom Gas Solutions, is able to mix specialty gases that are difficult to obtain elsewhere.

By placing your orders through the MarketPlace you save money two ways.  First, NC State receives discounted pricing for the compressed gas products.  Second, the University transacts with the MarketPlace suppliers electronically reducing errors and processing costs.  Each MarketPlace order saves the University an estimated $25.  With nearly 4,500 compressed gas orders processed last fiscal year, the University saved over $112,000 in processing costs.

Convenient Cylinder Rental

Materials Management records the movements and publishes a monthly inventory of compressed gas cylinders.  This oversight allows for the accurate direct billing of campus departments for the exact number of days rented.  To verify the accuracy of our inventory reports, the Materials Management and the supplier’s staffs conduct regular cycle counts.

Each month departments are able to view their cylinder rental invoices and an inventory online.  An online guide with instructions for reconciling the monthly invoice and inventory reports is now available on the Materials Management website.

Safety First

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) receives a daily report of the compressed gas order for the previous day, the location of the cylinders containing the gas and the university staff member who placed the order.  All this data allows EH&S to track the potentially hazardous gases.  EH&S reviews and approves all volatile gas orders to ensure safe transport and use on campus.


If you have questions about the gas cylinder program, please contact our on campus representative, Nikki Faison at 919.515.8098  or via email at