Got Surplus? We can handle it!

Did you know there is a great surplus store here on campus?  On the western edge of campus at 3240 Ligon Street is the Surplus Store location.  The Surplus Store is open for departmental purchases as well as other state agencies Monday – Friday on non public sale weeks 7:30-11:30 am.  On the week of our public sale, the Surplus Store is open the same hours with one exception, the Thursday before the public sale.  The floor is frozen on that Thursday due to the public coming in to preview the merchandise.  Out of respect to those customers, we freeze the floor to ensure the same merchandise they previewed and tested is available the morning of the sale.

What is NCSU Surplus?  Surplus property is defined as property that has a re-sale value, but is no longer needed by the university department to continue its operation.

Surplus comes from NCSU campus locations and Statewide NCSU sites that do research and other university undertakings.

The Surplus Team evaluates the surplus items by doing research to find fair market value of the items. Then, based on that assessment, decides where items will be sold.  Items with a  fair market value of $150.00 and under are sold in house at our Surplus Store.  For items above that threshold, the items will go to the NC DoA State Surplus Property site.  Not all surplus comes to the sorting warehouse or can be easily transported to DoA State Surplus Property.  Items that are too large, reside at a research station, or are a great distance to either location will often be auctioned through the DoA State Surplus online auction site using a surplus status of As-Is-Where-Is.

Who is granted access? In the disposition of state surplus property, the State Surplus Property Agency shall give first priority to other agencies of the state for purchase or transfer.  Second priority shall be given to sales to political subdivisions and non-profit tax-exempt organizations within the state.  Property sold must be for the use of the agency, political subdivision or non-profit tax-exempt organization with title being in such agency,unit or organization. (from 01 NCAC 43A.0304).

We have defined what surplus property is according to the State and University but what is it?

Here are few of the most common items found:

Athletic Items                                                   Audio/Video Equipment

Computer Equipment and Peripherals             Furniture

Lab Equipment                                                 Machinery and Tools

Medical Equipment                                          Musical Instruments

Office Supplies and Equipment                       Miscellaneous items


If you are a thrifty buyer and want to stretch the dollars in your department, visit us and it will pay you dividends.  When possible we will build computers to meet your needs.  A note of interest — our computers are out of warranty with a cost much lower than buying a new unit.  We can outfit an office with desk, chair, bookcase, filing cabinets, etc.  Need a projector or other audio video equipment? Chances are we have it.  Need a new ride? At the end of the Spring Semester, we receive all the bikes abandoned on campus property during the academic year.

And Surplus isn’t limited to just materials. One of the most unusual surplus items that came through our system was a police horse named Bismark. He was a gray 17+ hand Percheron/Thoroughbred gelding, born in May of 2000.  Bismark had reached his serviceable life here on campus.  The care given to Bismark to ensure he went to the right home was done well.  Here is an excerpt from the ad for Bismark.

As a valued member of the NCSU Police Department, the agency would like to ensure to the best of our ability that Bismark is going to an owner with the capability of giving him a good home. Please see the Special Instructions for prospective buyers that are associated with this ad.”

By working through our department, Bismark found a new home at a horse rescue facility here in North Carolina.

Come by and look at our inventory! Everybody needs something and we have something for everybody.

Feel free to contact the Surplus Staff and or Warehouse Service Staff:

Lance Newsome Surplus Receiving Coordinator 919-515-5525

Walter Outlaw Leased Space Coordinator 919-515-9464

Bill Carlson Surplus & Warehouse Manager 919-515-8568