WolfCopy Refresh

Written by Joel Bristol.

WolfPrint is a managed print services program geared specifically towards serving the NC State students.WolfPrint multifunctional printers (MFPs) are conveniently located in residence halls, student centers, classroom buildings and libraries. Over the past five years, the WolfPrint program has invested in cutting edge technology making it possible for NC State students, faculty and staff to submit a print job from one location and then pick it up at one of the 90+ WolfPrint printer locations on campus.

During that same five-year period, there has been a slow but steady shift toward digital document handling. NC State faculty and students have embraced remote learning and found digital ways to share information. Though printing is still necessary, the alternatives to this method of distributing information like online learning management systems and assignment submissions have become more prevalent. These methods were especially essential to support continued learning and working during the 2020-21 pandemic emergency. At that time, the WolfPrint student printing volume was dramatically affected by the reduced on-campus student population.

Facing lower sales volume but desiring to continue offering the best in class print and copy services, the WolfPrint team began to research the replacement of the 10-year-old Lexmark MFP devices. In partnership with CEI, a third-party print equipment provider, Wolfprint decided to lease the new devices and pay a monthly usage-based fee, which includes all supplies and equipment repair costs. This gave WolfPrint the opportunity to refresh all the MFPs on campus, which had not been done since 2013.

Each of these economic and social factors contributed to the need for a student printing price increase, the first one in more than two decades. Effective August 21, 2023, the print cost per page is $0.15 for black and white and $0.50 for color. These prices are aligned with other universities in the UNC System and allow WolfPrint to continue to offer best in class cutting-edge printing services to the NC State student body.

For more information about the WolfPrint program, please visit our website.