PCard Course and Certification Program Announcement

Written by Joel Bristol.

A New PCard Training for Reconcilers course is LIVE!

You requested it, and here it is! Card Services is proud to announce the brand new PCard Training for Reconcilers online! This self-paced course will allow PCard Reconcilers to learn the most up-to-date requirements for successful and compliant PCard transaction reconciliation. 

(PCard Training for Reconcilers is required for all PCard Reconcilers and PCard Statement Approvers.) 


The course follows the content outlined in the PCard Manual for Reconcilers and consists of the following modules:

  • Introduction Module: Getting Started with the Course
  • Module 1: Introduction to Reconciliation
  • Module 2: Transactions and Statements
  • Module 3: Resources and Tutorials
  • Module 4: Final Assessment
  • Exit Module: Course Evaluation and Final Announcements

PCard Training for Reconcilers can be completed in approximately 1 hour and requires passing a final assessment with a 90% score.

Payments Professional Certification

Once you have completed PCard Training for Cardholders and PCard Training for Reconcilers, make sure to claim your Payments Professional badge!

The Payments Professional certification program is part of NC State’s Business Officer Academy and is designed to support NC State’s staff in everyday payment processes. Successful completion of the following courses, in the order they are listed below, is required for becoming a Payments Professional:

  • PCard Training for Cardholders
  • PCard Training for Reconcilers
  • Fleet Card Training for Cardholders (optional)

Check out the PCard Manual for Reconcilers.