NEW PO Invoice Payment Improvements

Accounts Payable, Procurement Services, and EAS has collaborated to improve PO invoice handling, PO payments and PO Change Order Requests. These Financial System enhancements are scheduled to go live on Tuesday, February 16.

Highlights of this new feature:

  • The process will mirror the non-PO payments requests (small purchase vouchers) in the Financial System.
  • After matching the PO lines to the invoice, the department will complete a PO voucher request form.
  • The supplier invoice will be uploaded directly into the Financial System as supporting documentation to the request for payment.
  • If changes are needed to match the PO to the invoice, this can be done through a PO Change Request within the system; this step is necessary before the PO invoice payment request can be processed.

Step-by-step instructions will be released soon. Watch these videos to learn more about this Financial System enhancement.

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