Helping Students Learn How to WolfPrint on Campus

As we roll into the fall, we welcome students back to school. Here in Materials Management, most of the services we offer support faculty and staff and then indirectly, students. WolfPrint, the student printing operation, is our one direct source of customer service to students. As we welcome students back to campus, we took a moment to participate in WolfPack Welcome Week to educate students on how to use WolfPrint printers. We found that the number one question at Talley Student Union on the first day of classes was . . .


Here at NC State, roughly 50% of the student base uses WolfPrint and surprisingly, seniors account for over 50% of the customer base. In academic calendar year 2017-2018, only 750 freshman utilized printing on campus. Realizing that many incoming freshman are not aware of this resource on campus and instead bring printers from home, WolfPrint took the time to develop educational and promotional materials to educate incoming freshman to leave those printers at home. It saves parents money, increases sustainability efforts and leaves more space in your residence hall!

WolfPrint has a fleet of 130+ printers located in over 55 buildings on campus, including 8 residence halls. With Follow Me Printing, you can send your job to the printer and pick it up at any follow me location within 12 hours of sending the job. This provides security for students who are up writing their paper at 2am. They can send it to the printer in their residence hall or any of our high traffic areas, like Talley Student Union, and pick it up on the way to class the next day.

WolfCopy, our service support team, is currently working on completing their certification on how to repair the printers used by students. This reduces printer down time for students, reduces the repair cost so that we do not have to increase printing prices and affords our technicians with the ability to learn a new skill set to further themselves. They recently completed their first printer repair and worked together as a team, with a combined 87 years of experience to get the job done. In this higher education environment, where learning is the way of life, it is important to promote professional development for our staff. It is what allows us to be best in class while committing to NC State’s Think and Do attitude.