James Tucker Puts the Jolly in the Season

Around this time every year, WolfCopy’s own James Tucker puts on the red suit and becomes Santa Claus. Bringing holiday cheer to the community is James’ mission. 

A tradition for the past three years, James is now a very busy Santa. Starting in November every year, he is invited to bring the spirit of the holidays to many charitable events, churches, community centers, businesses and even private homes. 

Why Become Santa?

James enjoys spreading the magic of the holiday season and he believes that children sometimes have a difficult time believing and enjoying the little simple things in life. Through his Santa role, James gives children the opportunity to express their innermost wishes, which can be as simple as requests for special toys or as emotional as a child’s hope to see a family member or special friend again. Santa always responds with compassion and understanding and makes it his mission to leave children with hope and gratitude.

James’ message to the NC State community on this holiday season is: 

“To all you adult children, remember that Santa doesn’t judge.
You already know if you are on the nice list or the naughty list.
That’s why people confide in Santa: they know their hopes and wishes will stay with him.” 

I really enjoy being Santa Claus!